Brian Rushing, Publisher

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Walking into a hotel room and seeing one more awesome city magazine sitting on the desk I’d had enough. “The people of Houma needed one of these,” I told myself, “and we were going to be the company to bring it to them.” So after months of late nights and pulling our hair out, we unleashed PoV on the public. Now, many mistakes and a few smart decisions later, I feel like we are finally on the right track. Doing the best we can to deliver the best magazine possible to our readers. Just consider PoV as one of the ways we give back to the community that made Rushing Media what we are.


Gavin Stevens, Creative Director

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Gavin’s origins are said to be nothing less than legendary.

After graduating from Nicholls in graphic design, I prepared for Hurricane Katrina by working at an ad agency in New Orleans. After losing this epic battle of wills, I joined Rushing Media just in time to help launch Kidsville News. Soon after, plans for an ambitious, ground-breaking and possibly gravity-defying publication began to take shape.

In April 2007, I helped launch Point of Vue magazine, immediately improving your quality of life. You’re welcome.

In the five years since, I’ve helped refine, direct and influence each publication produced by Rushing Media.

Since you’re wondering what a superior being such as myself finds interesting, here is a short list: discovering new music, logo and web design, grilling, reading, documentaries, tech stuff and incredible TV shows. Scientists say it’s impossible to know my dislikes. When coming down from my high-horse, I can be found hanging out with my incredible wife, Dawn and my too-cute-for-school daughter, Belen.


Mariella Jimenez, Graphic Designer

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My life should be a musical. How magical, right?! I’m 150% sassy and dramatic all day every day (it’s all part of my charm); however, the rest of the world’s sassiness must begin after lunch.

I spend most of my time being a raging shopaholic. If I don’t have the latest and greatest, i’m affected. I might as well be the next spokesmodel for Urban Outfitters. Booyah! Please send your condolences to my bank account.

With a love for creativity in any form it comes, I believe it is important to find the perfect balance between work and play. Once this balance is met, graphic design bliss will be sure to follow.


Linda Pontiff, Marketing Consultant

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Born and raised in Houma, this South Louisiana community is where I have called home my entire life. It’s also where I met my loving husband of almost 45 years and raised my three beautiful children. My husband, three children, seven grandchildren, great-grandchild and close-knit family have made my life very fulfilling.

I started working for the Quik Quarter (the original name of The Weekly) 24 years ago. What started out as a job has turned into a career. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked for a great company that has helped me to get where I am today. Great employers and talented employees have made this company succeed and a great place to work. Throughout these years, I have met many great customers who have also become my friends.

I enjoy attending pageants and country concerts, going to the hunting camp, and spending time with my family.